Context Sensitive Solutions

For the Central Avenue at BRC Railroad Grade Separation Study, early coordination with stakeholders will be accomplished by following the IDOT CSS approach to public involvement.  CSS is an interactive public involvement process that engages the public, or stakeholders, throughout the Phase I process.  CSS involves working with stakeholders to develop roadways that fit into and reflect the study area surroundings – its “context.” Stakeholders are continuously involved in the decision-making process throughout the study process.  Working with a diverse group of local and regional stakeholders to understand the needs and concerns in the study area leads to transportation solutions designed to improve the quality of life for those who rely on the transportation systems.

The CSS process will:

  • Provide early, frequent, and meaningful communication with stakeholders
  • Develop a flexible and creative approach to design
  • Improve safety and mobility for the traveling public
  • Preserve and enhance the scenic, economic, historic, and natural qualities of the setting.

More information on the CSS process can be found here.